Monthly Archives: March 2009

Faith Sisters Designers call

As an aspiring designer, I decided to enter the Faith designers call and uploaded my kit last night. Whilst the swatch was really lovely, I had my usual trouble of not knowing when to stop. After all, if you … Continued

Freebie: brown patterned alpha

Remember how I said I would be back with the brown patterned alpha made from one of the papers in may part of the “Hurry up and get here Spring” blog train? Well, I have finally had chance to do … Continued

Happy St Patrick’s day

I’d forgotten all about St Patrick’s day until this morning, when I was deluged with loads of St Patrick day emails in my inbox! I haven’t made a St Patrick’s day kit or anything, but here are a few random … Continued

What’s been happening

I haven’t had much free time recently as I have been so busy (nothing new there then!). I have been out at a client’s putting all their books and records onto an accounts program and it has been an up … Continued

Matching alpha and numbers

Have you ever had one of those days when you really don’t want to do any work, even though you know you should? Well, I have a pile of work to go through, and so far today all I have … Continued