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SAS Designer challenge

Well, I must obviously be getting used to the weekly deadline, as I have now started the SAS Designer Challenge for those eliminated from the contest. I must be a glutton for punishment, especially since I drove 800 miles in … Continued

Butterfly overlay OK, well voting ends today in the SAS Designer contest round 2 and I reckon I haven’t got through :(. Oh well, the first three rounds were all about getting people to vote for you anyway, rather than … Continued

SAS-y Designer Contest – Voting no

Just to let you all know that voting has now begun in Round 2 of the SAS Designer contest. Obviously, I would much prefer you to vote for me ;), but the polls are here: Register Here: and Download … Continued

SAS-y Lady Designer Contest Round 2

Well, I meant to get back here well before now to let you all know that I managed to scrape it through to round 2 of the SAS-y Lady Designer contest! Woohoo!!!! This is the first time ever I have … Continued

SAS Designer contest 2009

Just a reminder to check out this Week’s kits in the SAS Designer Competition. Register Here: and Download Here: http://www.stoneaccentsstudioforum.c…ry.php?cat=964Go Here to Vote: http://www.stoneaccentsstudioforum.c…ead.php?t=5782 There are some wonderful designs there and all the kits are free downloads. Voting finishes … Continued

Cluster frame freebie

Well, it’s finally come around, the day my youngest son goes back to school! Woohoo! Does it make me an unnatural mother to be glad?!!! I’m torn really, since whilst it is good for him to be at school, the … Continued

Quick Pages freebie

I’m off to make breakfast for my children in a few minutes before going to see a prospective client and just have time to post this before I get everything ready. I managed to get some scrapping time in yesterday … Continued

SAS-y designer contest – voting open

Just a quick post to let you know that voting in the SAS-y Lady Designer Contest has now opened. You can look at the entries HERE and vote HERE. I’ll be back shortly with two quick pages created with my … Continued

SAS-y Lady Contest

Well, I actually managed to finish my entry to the SAS-y designer competition last night (well, strictly, it was early this morning as it was just gone midnight when I uploaded it!). That must be a first for me, to … Continued

September desktop

Yesterday was busy – the first “real” day back at work after a holiday is always hectic and yesterday was no exception. I seemed to have millions of phone calls when normally the phone hardly rings at all. I even … Continued