Monthly Archives: February 2010

Flowers and a card

The next step from digital designing for me is to use digital images and so on to make my own cards, gift bags, etc. But I am still learning here, and one thing I discovered this week is how to … Continued

Overlays freebie

Well, I don’t know where the time went yesterday as I seemed to be busy all day but achieved nothing! I ended up just pottering around on the computer all afternoon, then had to take DD to Crewe railway station … Continued

Overlays and extractions

I’ve been sorting out the office. Well, not sorting as such, more of a tidying up as I had about three feet of tax returns, accounts and other correspondence that I had just filed (ie dumped on one side in … Continued

Quick update

Where does the time go? It seems eons since I was last here and I am now absolutely exhausted after the January tax return filing deadline. After several nights of not getting to bed until 4 am, and one or … Continued